Cheapest Land in America – 3 Cheap Retreats

Land in Alabama

Land is one of the most durable and valuable investments you can make. Countless people have seen the value of their land skyrocket while just a few years before it was worth no more than average. Thanks to changes in housing and job markets as well as environmentally-related issues, the price of land can increase rapidly. Even if it does not increase significantly in value, investment in land is a sound choice and with a little land of your own you can create a great retreat away from the world.

If you’re looking to purchase land, consider looking for the cheapest land in America. You’ll be able to get more land for your money and secure a sound investment for the future or a cheap retreat to enjoy yourself on your very own property.

Some of the cheapest land in the United States is found in the Midwest (North Dakota, Kansas) and south (Missouri, Arkansas), but can also be found in rural areas throughout the country, such as in upper New York.

The United States has always had an abundance of land suited for people because of its enormous size and its varied, but almost all inhabitable, climates. There is cheap land available in part because it is often located in rural areas, where there is less infrastructure and less demand. It is possible to find cheap land near to towns and even urban centers, however. Land prices have dropped in many areas due to the recent economic crisis and like any other commodity land is subject to various trends in price.

Listings for land in these areas can be found through internet searches on general search engines, but there are few land realty searches that are especially useful and will yield clearer results.

Here are just a few properties that can serve as examples for what types of cheap land you can find online:

Acreage in Wyoming

I found 160 Acres in Carbon County for sale. This property shows the unbelievable land deals that can be found in the United States today. A price tag of $34,400 gets you 160 acres of gorgeous undeveloped land in Wyoming. The down payment is only $1,400 for an extraordinary chance to live your dream.

Land in Alabama

I found 2.65 Acres in Birmingham, Alabama using the link above. This property is undeveloped land conveniently located near town but still with its own separate environment. Sixteen lots are contained in one parcel on this property. Wooded and containing a paved road, this is a great deal on some beautiful land in Alabama. This property shows how cheap, good land can be found even close to all the modern conveniences one could desire.

Retreats in South Dakota

Using the link above, I found 480 Acres in Hand County, South Dakota. This is is the perfect opportunity for ranchers and anyone else who needs or love wide open land. These 480 acres of beautiful South Dakota grassland also contain mature trees and is being auctioned off in August of 2014. There are many similar opportunities to place your bid on rich land all the time and the internet is a great way to keep an eye on the latest opportunities across the country.

However you choose to search for it, there is definitely an abundance of cheap land available across the United States.

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